Friday, 5 May 2017

Dear, World

I honestly just recently started watching her YouTube videos. I knew nothing about her vines, nothing about her Snapchat, her, her Instagram, her Twitter, her whatever.

I fell in love with her because of her humour and cringy puns. She was and still is very relatable.


There's the pause.

The 'but' doesn't go to her though. The 'but' goes to the difference in this particular video she posted

I expected some cliche comedy but it was very motivating.

We should learn to respect people despite their race, colour, hair texture, shape or size or whatever it's called.

Whether you're white, black or brown, or short or tall, or way overweighted, we shouldn't feel intimidated by however people refer us as.

And you should NEVER make anyone feel bad because of that.

I'm AFRICAN - like from Nigeria - and never have I ever witnessed any form of racism in my 17 years of living.

This isn't just to the fat people, this is to the depressed. To those kids out there who have been abused emotionally by their peers because of their physical appearance or background. To those kids who have been shut up because they feel they don't have a say.

Your opinion matters and one day, you would be known for how unique you are.

You're beautiful inside and out.

"There would always be scars to your beautiful but you don't have to change a thing, the world can change it's heart."

Just keep smiling, shake 'em off and know that nothing matters right now. What really matters is ahead of you.

Spread positivity and please, "don't try to join the crowd if you can't beat them. Make your own army" - a positive one at that.

Spread the love because that's what matters most. Love is God and he will bless you for trying to spread that.

One love and a big thank you to Liza Koshy for her awesome video (Even though it was posted a year, 7 months and 27 days ago)

I've been thinking of what to post on my blog for ages and her video finally inspired me.

You know how to reach me on my Instagram, Twitter (which I don't really use btw), Snapchat, Wattpad and... I guess that's it... I guess...

Stay positive and discover your true potentials.


Goodnight loves.

-Anya Amarachi Jacinth